Monday, October 18, 2010

KTM Anniversary for Bloomingdale Worldwide

Did this design during my Bloomingdale days. Done in 6 hours i guess. Worked this stuff on Saturday while everyone is having a good time cuti. But my art director, Ryo and my colleague Fairuz took a projector, attached a leftovers white curtain from some of the drawers and create a screen. ITS CINEMA IN THE OFFICE YA'LL!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


MITHRIL ANNUAL REPORT 2010 for Trelo Communications

SWIPE SMART 6E for Trelo Communications

KICKS! VANS Grid Authentic

Kasut raya 2010!

Just bought this shoe for raya. okla casual, smart, hensem, bole la diterima oleh makcik2 and pakcik2. Made out of velvet and canvas with comfy cushion inside. another cool products from Vans! Kudos!